Dedicated to John Peel, 1939-2004.
With a glass of red wine and teenage kicks right through the night.

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This website details all the sessions recorded for the John Peel Radio 1 programme between October 1992 and December 2002, intended as an unofficial appendix to Ken Garner's book In Session Tonight, which covered the first twenty-five years of the Peel sessions. The sessions are listed both chronologically and alphabetically, with session details and tracklistings to be found in the index section.

The website was first published online in 1999, and remains woefully out of date in places; notably it is missing what sadly turned out to be the final two years of Peel session details.

When Ken Garner approached me about his new book, I put the site back up in a limited form to aid his research. I've now decided to resurrect the site for public view as it stood when it went offline. The much-needed updates may happen, they may not, but at the moment the site is here, as it was, for posterity's sake.

the peel sessions


Ken Garner's new book, published October 4th 2007 is called The Peel Sessions: A Story of Teenage Dreams and One Man's Love of New Music and includes an updated version of the Peel sessionography covering every Peel session broadcast between 1967 and 2004. That's the definitive guide, and one which this website could never hope to match and wouldn't try to. Thanks to Ken for having the passion and determination needed to dig through all the information and to complete his Peel sessionography; it's an important book which illuminates the contribution to music that John Peel made.

Order The Peel Sessions at

The fact that the work put into this website went some small way to helping get the book put together should be a source of pride to everyone who has contributed to this site, to all of whom I remain indebted.

Read what Ken Garner, author of In Session Tonight, the history of the first 25 years of the Peel sessions wrote for the site back in December 2000 about his book and what has happened since publication hereread Ken Garner's piece about the book

A brief history of the Peel session



The John Peel Session Archive was originally published in 1999 when Rocker sent me seven years' worth of lovingly compiled lists of everyone who had appeared on the Peel show since the cut-off date of In Session Tonight, with a view to making these available on the web. Since then I have managed to collate tracklistings for every pre-recorded studio Peel session since October 1992, creating a comprehensive public archive detailing these unique recordings, carrying on from Ken Garner's book. Many of the session tracklists have been provided from playlist details kept by Tim and Lorcan, to both of whom many thanks. Thanks are also due to everyone who has helped out with contributions to this site. Every effort has been made to ensure all details are as accurate as possible. If you spot any mistakes or omissions or have any further session details please let me know. Missing live setsmissing live sessions

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