the john peel sessions

Artist Session
01/01/93 Festive 50 1992. "Best of 92" sessions:
Ultraviolence (first broadcast 14/11/92) 1st (rpt)
Sebadoh (first broadcast 28/8/92) 1st (rpt)
Babes In Toyland (first broadcast 25/7/92) 4th (rpt)
Spiritualized (first broadcast 14/3/92) 1st (rpt)
02/01/93 Bandulu 1st
Huggy Bear 1st (rpt)
08/01/93 Hula Hoop 1st
Ivor Cutler 19th
09/01/93 Dinosaur Jr (acoustic session) 3rd
Drop Nineteens 1st
15/01/93 Unsane 2nd
New Fast Automatic Daffodils 2nd
16/01/93 Leatherface 2nd
Zimbabwe Cha Cha Kings
22/01/93 Voodoo Queens 1st
Sonic Youth (live, Brixton '92)
23/01/93 Crane 2nd
Flaming Lips 1st (rpt)
29/01/93 Moonshake
Jesus Lizard 2nd (rpt)
30/01/93 Dr Oloh 2nd
Breed 2nd (rpt)
05/02/93 Bailterspace 1st
Where's The Beach 3rd (rpt)
06/02/93 Meat Beat Manifesto
Therapy? 2nd
12/02/93 In Dust 1st
Come 2nd
13/02/93 Cornershop 1st
Cell 1st
19/02/93 Pavement 2nd
Strangelove 2nd
20/02/93 Ukrainians 2nd
Even As We Speak 2nd
26/02/93 Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa 1st
Codeine 1st
27/02/93 Superchunk 2nd
FSK 6th (rpt)
05/03/93 Pulp 2nd
Polvo 1st (rpt)
06/03/93 Werefrogs 2nd
Marxman 1st (rpt)
12/03/93 Oilseed Rape 1st
PJ Harvey 3rd
13/03/93 The Fall 16th
Aphex Twin 1st (rpt)
19/03/93 New Fast Automatic Daffodils 2nd (rpt)
Pavement recorded at Brixton Academy 14/12/92
20/03/93 Velocity Girl 1st
Skink 1st (rpt)
26/03/93 Bandulu 1st (rpt)
27/03/93 Foreheads in a Fishtank 2nd
Hula Hoop 1st (rpt)
02/04/93 Leatherface 2nd (rpt)
Transglobal Underground 1st
03/04/93 Dr Oloh 2nd (rpt)
Seven Year Bitch 1st
09/04/93 Nelories 1st
Drop Nineteens 1st (rpt)
10/04/93 Crane 2nd (rpt)
Th'Faith Healers 4th
16/04/93 Hole 2nd
Zimbabwe Cha Cha Kings (rpt)
17/04/93 Dinosaur Jr 3rd (rpt)
Roovel Oobik 1st
23/04/93 Unsane 2nd (rpt)
Submarine 1st
24/04/93 Bailterspace 1st (rpt)
Nectarine No. 9 1st
30/04/93 Bikini Kill 1st
Ivor Cutler 19th (rpt)
01/05/93 Pitchshifter
Voodoo Queens 1st (rpt)
07/05/93 Fun-Da-Mental 2nd
Cell 1st (rpt)
08/05/93 Sebadoh 2nd
Therapy? 2nd (rpt)
14/05/93 Edsel Auctioneer 2nd
Meat Beat Manifesto (rpt)
15/05/93 Loop Guru 1st
Strangelove 2nd (rpt)
21/05/93 Anhrefn with Margi Clarke 3rd
Cornershop 1st (rpt)
22/05/93 PJ Harvey 3rd (rpt)
Ween 2nd
28/05/93 Tindersticks 1st
Come 2nd (rpt)
29/05/93 Mazey Fade 1st
Codeine 1st (rpt)
04/06/93 Bivouac 2nd (rpt)
70 Gwen Party 3rd
05/06/93 Terry Edwards 2nd
In Dust 1st (rpt)
11/06/93 Trumans Water 1st
Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa 1st (rpt)
12/06/93 New Bomb Turks 1st
The Fall 16th (rpt)
18/06/93 Huggy Bear 2nd
Dr. Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations 2nd
19/06/93 Tsunami 1st
Ukranians 2nd (rpt)
25/06/93 Half Japanese 1st
26/06/93 Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet  1st 
Live at Glastonbury:
The Orb
Sharon Shannon
02/07/93 Polvo 2nd
Werefrogs 2nd (rpt)
03/07/93 Rollerskate Skinny 1st
Superchunk 2nd (rpt)
09/07/93 God Is My Co-Pilot 1st
Pulp 2nd (rpt)
10/07/93 Oilseed Rape 1st (rpt)
Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Supermatimila 1st
16/07/93 Royal Trux 1st
Foreheads in a Fishtank 2nd (rpt)
17/07/93 Bear Quartet 1st
Transglobal Underground 1st (rpt)
23/07/93 Voodoo Queens 2nd
Skyscraper 1st (rpt)
24/07/93 Cords 2nd
Nelories 1st (rpt)
30/07/93 Kanda Bongo Man 1st
Th'Faith Healers 4th (rpt)
31/07/93 Robert Ward 1st
Seven Year Bitch 1st (rpt)
06/08/93 Madder Rose 1st
Even As We Speak 2nd (rpt)
07/08/93 J Church 1st
Velocity Girl 1st (rpt)
13/08/93 Hole 2nd (rpt)
Datblygu 5th
14/08/93 Mercury Rev 2nd
Loudon Wainwright III
20/08/93 St Johnny 1st
Roovel Oobik 1st (rpt)
21/08/93 Radial Spangle 1st
Nectarine No. 9 1st (rpt)
27/08/93 Senser (programme from Reading) 1st 
Voodoo Queens  2nd (rpt)
28/08/93 Eat Static (programme from Reading) 1st
Truman's Water 1st (rpt)
03/09/93 CNN 1st
Flipper 1st
04/09/93 Fiasco 1st
Bad Religion 1st
10/09/93 Bratmobile 1st
Orbital 1st
11/09/93 Prince Far-I & Creation Rebel 1st (rpt)
The Fall (Repeat of Mark Goodier Session 05/93)
17/09/93 Curve 3rd
Pitchshifter (rpt)
18/09/93 Elastica 1st
Pavement 2nd (rpt)
24/09/93  Mega City Four 2nd
Sebadoh 2nd (rpt)
25/09/93 Brides Make Acid 1st
Submarine 1st (rpt)
01/10/93 Irresistible Force  2nd
Bikini Kill 1st (rpt)
02/10/93 Magnapop 1st
70 Gwen Party 3rd (rpt)
08/10/93 Fun-Da-Mental 2nd (rpt)
Tindersticks 1st (rpt)
09/10/93 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 1st
Dr. Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations 2nd (rpt)
15/10/93 Bear Quartet (programme from Sweden) 1st (rpt) 
16/10/93 Scrawl (prerecorded show) 1st 
Anhrefn with Margi Clarke 3rd (rpt)
22/10/93 Barry Adamson 1st
Even As We Speak  3rd
23/10/93 Eric's Trip 1st
Terry Edwards 2nd (rpt)
**Time Schedules Change to:
Fri 10pm to 1am; Sat 4.30pm to 7pm**
29/10/93 Ween 2nd (rpt)
Loop Guru 1st (rpt)
30/10/93 Stereolab 3rd
Edsel Auctioneer 2nd (rpt)
05/11/93 Huggy Bear 2nd (rpt)
Trumans Water 2nd
06/11/93 Breed 3rd
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet 1st (rpt)
12/11/93 Pushkins 1st
Rollerskate Skinny 1st (rpt)
13/11/93 Chumbawamba 2nd
Tsunami 1st (rpt)
19/11/93 Gag 1st
Polvo 2nd (rpt)
20/11/93 Sharon Shannon (repeat of live Glastonbury set first broadcast 26/6/93)
Senseless Things 3rd
26/11/93 Royal Trux  2nd
Sandmen 1st
27/11/93 Palace Brothers 1st
Madder Rose 1st (rpt)
03/12/93 Lois 1st
New Bomb Turks 1st (rpt)
04/12/93 Ian Rush  1st
Half Japanese 1st (rpt)
10/12/93 God Is My Co-Pilot 1st (rpt)
Cords 2nd (rpt)
11/12/93 Elastica 1st (rpt)
17/12/93 Fabric 1st
Mercury Rev 2nd (rpt)
18/12/93 Senser 1st (rpt)
Here 1st
24/12/93  No show
25/12/93 Festive 50 10:30pm - 2am 
31/12/93 No show
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