the john peel sessions

Artist Session
01/01/94  Butterfly Child 2nd
Done Lying Down 1st
07/01/94 Dreadzone 1st
AC Acoustics 1st
08/01/94 Knights Of The Occasional Table 1st
Ivor Cutler (also a Kershaw Session) 20th
14/01/94 Skinned Teen 1st
Radial Spangle 1st (rpt)
15/01/94 That Dog  1st
Hula Hoop 2nd
21/01/94 Ronnie Dawson 1st
Orbital 1st (rpt)
22/01/94 Loop Guru 2nd
Man Or Astroman? 1st
28/01/94 Pussycat Trash 1st
St Johnny 1st (rpt)
29/01/94  Eva Luna 1st
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 1st
04/02/94 J Church 1st (rpt)
Leatherface 3rd
05/02/94 The Fall 17th
11/02/94 Banco De Gaia 1st
Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Supermatimila 1st (rpt)
12/02/94 Det-Ri-Mental 1st
Bad Religion 1st (rpt)
18/02/94 Sleeper 1st
Brides Make Acid
19/02/94 Blithe 1st
Tindersticks 2nd
25/02/94 Elevate 1st
Fiasco 1st (rpt)
26/02/94 Swirlies 1st
Pavement 3rd
04/03/94 Thirteenth Hole 1st
Irresistible Force 2nd (rpt)
05/03/94 Credit To The Nation
Th'Faith Healers 5th
11/03/94 Zavuya 1st
Bark Market 2nd
12/03/94 Ultramarine 2nd
Submarine 2nd
18/03/94 Drum Club 1st
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 1st
19/03/94 Senser 2nd
Bivouac 3rd
25/03/94 Afghan Whigs 1st
Sons Of The Subway 1st
26/03/94 Voodoo Queens (recorded 15/02/94) 3rd
Barry Adamson 1st (rpt)
01/04/94 Pet Lamb 1st
Timeshard 1st
02/04/94 The Mummys 1st
The Sandmen 1st (rpt)
08/04/94 AC Acoustics 1st (rpt)
Ivor Cutler 20th (rpt)
09/04/94 Nectarine No. 9 2nd
The Orchids 2nd
15/04/94 Global Communication (aka Reload) 1st
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 1st (rpt)
16/04/94 Raincoats 3rd
Wedding Present 10th
22/04/94 Nirvana (first broadcast 22/11/89) 1st (rpt)
Nirvana (first broadcast 3/11/90) 2nd (rpt)
Nirvana (first broadcast 3/11/91) 3rd (rpt)
23/04/94 Even As We Speak 3rd (rpt)
Archers Of Loaf 1st
29/04/94 The Fall (recorded 12/93, Manchester Roadhouse)
30/04/94 Ash 1st
Madder Rose 2nd
06/05/94 K K Kings 1st
Scrawl 1st (rpt)
07/05/94 Heavenly 2nd
Sebadoh 3rd
13/05/94 Neuro Project 1st
Pure Morning 1st
14/05/94 Po 1st
Eric's Trip 1st (rpt)
20/05/94 Directional Force (aka Dave Clarke) 1st
Sex Clark Five 2nd
21/05/94 Flying Saucer Attack 1st
Bratmobile 1st (rpt)
27/05/94 Seefeel 1st
God Is My Co-Pilot 2nd
28/05/94 3Ds 1st
Breed 3rd (rpt)
03/06/94 Mazey Fade 2nd
Codeine 2nd
04/06/94 No Peel show
10/06/94 Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia 1st
Magic Hour 1st
11/06/94 Mufflon 5  1st
Uzeda 1st
17/06/94  Trumans Water 3rd
Locust 1st
18/06/94 Teenage Fanclub and Frank Black
Movietone 1st
24/06/94 Live at Glastonbury:
Madder Rose
25/06/94 No Peel show
01/07/94 Orbital (recorded at Glastonbury)
Jawbox 1st
02/07/94 Flatback Four  1st
Philistines Jr 2nd
08/07/94 Recorded at Glastonbury:
Credit To The Nation
09/07/94 Pulp (recorded at Glastonbury)
Elastica 2nd
15/07/94 Tribute To Nothing 1st
Transglobal Underground (recorded at Glastonbury)
16/07/94  Fun-Da-Mental 3rd
Inspiral Carpets (recorded at Glastonbury)
22/07/94 70 Gwen Party 4th
Shellac 1st
23/07/94 Harvey's Rabbit 1st
Rodan 1st
29/07/94 Palace Brothers 2nd
Grifters 1st
30/07/94 Eggs 1st
Unsane 3rd
05/08/94 Salt Tank  1st
Magnapop 1st (rpt)
06/08/94 Centry 1st
Breed 4th
12/08/94 Robert Ward 1st (rpt)
Drome 1st
Teenagers In Trouble (band's own recording)
13/08/94 No Peel show, Woodstock 94
19/08/94 Royal Trux  2nd (rpt)
Scorn 2nd
20/08/94 Ronnie Dawson  1st (rpt)
Prolapse 1st
26/08/94 Flaming Lips (live, Reading Festival)
27/08/94 Reverend Horton Heat(recorded at Glastonbury)
02/09/04 Children Of The Bong 1st
Boyracer 1st
03/09/94 Zion Train 1st
Stereolab 3rd (rpt)
09/09/94 Thirteenth Hole 1st (rpt)
Metal Urbain (first broadcast 11/10/78) 2nd (rpt)
10/09/94 Blubber 1st
Rugrat 1st
16/09/94 Plastikman 1st
18th Dye 1st
17/09/94 Cee Bee Beaumont 1st
Done Lying Down 2nd
23/09/94 Trumans Water  3rd (rpt)
Luke Slater's 7th Plane  1st
24/09/94 Dreadzone 1st (rpt)
Smudge 1st
30/09/94 Pushkins 1st (rpt)
Calvin Party 1st
01/10/94 Mega City Four 2nd (rpt)
Lois 1st (rpt)
07/10/94 AC Acoustics (show broadcast from Glasgow) 1st (rpt)
Nectarine No. 9 2nd (rpt)
08/10/94 Teenage Fanclub and Frank Black
(show broadcast from Glasgow)
Shriek 1st
14/10/94  Fugees Tranzlator Crew 1st
Datblygu 5th (rpt)
15/10/94 Hopper 1st
Loop Guru 2nd (rpt)
21/10/94 Eat Static 1st (rpt)
I'm Being Good 1st
22/10/94 Pulp 3rd
Sharon Shannon (live)
28/10/94 Tunic 1st
Zeni Geva 1st
29/10/94 Jale 1st
Doo Rag 1st
04/11/94 Archers Of Loaf 2nd
Voodoo Queens  3rd (rpt)
05/11/94 Heavenly 2nd (rpt)
Spike 1st
11/11/94 Deep Turtle 1st
Whiteout 1st
12/11/94 Ed Hall 1st
Pussycrush 1st
18/11/94 Flinch 1st
Fabric 1st (rpt)
19/11/94 LaBradford 1st
Senser 2nd (rpt)
25/11/94 Cable 1st
Elevate 1st (rpt)
26/11/94 Sleeper 2nd
Man Or Astroman? 1st (rpt)
02/12/94 Hole (recorded at Reading Festival 08/94)
03/12/94 Hula Hoop  2nd (rpt)
Blueboy 1st
09/12/94 The Four Brothers  3rd
Blithe 1st (rpt)
10/12/94 Senseless Things 3rd (rpt)
Tindersticks 2nd (rpt)
16/12/94 Uzeda 2nd
Det-Ri-Mental 1st (rpt)
17/12/94 The Fall 18th
Elastica 3rd
Festive 50 part 1
23/12/94 Festive 50 part 2
24/12/94 No Peel show
30/12/94 MC Solaar 1st
31/12/94 No Peel show
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