the john peel sessions

Artist Session
06/01/95 Thrush Puppies 1st
Smog 1st
07/01/95 Sammy 1st
Pet Lamb 1st (rpt)
13/01/95 The Black Dog 1st
14/01/95 Ronnie Dawson 2nd
Diblo Dibala & Matchatcha
20/01/95 Splintered 2nd
21/01/95 Urusei Yatsura 1st
Bluetones 1st
27/01/95 Xol Dog 400  1st
AC Acoustics 2nd
28/01/95 New Decade  1st
Golden Starlet 1st
03/02/95 Mouse On Mars 1st
04/02/95 Spare Snare 1st
Supergrass 1st
10/02/95 Po 1st (rpt)
Prolapse 1st (rpt)
11/02/95 Pavement 3rd (rpt)
American TV Cops 1st
17/02/95 Calvin Party 1st (rpt)
Mazey Fade 3rd
18/02/95 Guvner 1st
Zion Train  1st (rpt)
24/02/95 The Orb  4th
Badgewearer 1st
25/02/95 Lungleg 1st
Mufflon 5 1st (rpt)
03/03/95 70 Gwen Party 4th (rpt)
Pure Morning 2nd
04/03/95 Elastica 2nd (rpt)
Prophets Of Da City 1st
10/03/95 Innersphere 1st
Ash 1st (rpt)
Viv Stanshall 7th (rpt)
11/03/95 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 2nd
Orchids 2nd (rpt)
17/03/95 Th'Faith Healers 5th (rpt)
DJ Hell  1st
18/03/95 Hooton 3 Car 1st
Spiritualized 2nd
24/03/95 Today Is The Day 1st
Sabres Of Paradise  1st
25/03/95 The Kaisers 1st
Loop Guru 3rd
31/03/95 The Holy Ghost 1st
01/04/95 Luscious Jackson 1st
Echobelly 1st
07/04/95 Black Star Liner 1st
Mug 1st
08/04/95 Pink Kross 1st
Dick Dale 1st
14/04/95 The Aphex Twin 2nd
Vorhees 1st
15/04/95 Bracket 1st
Shriek 1st (rpt)
21/04/95 Live from Sound City Bristol:
22/04/95 Flying Saucer Attack 1st (rpt, 
3 tracks 
of 5)
Movietone 1st (rpt, 
3 tracks 
of 4)
28/04/95 Sloy 1st
18th Dye 2nd
29/04/95 Man Or Astroman? 2nd
Ivor Cutler 21st
05/05/95 ROC 1st
Donkey 1st
06/05/95 Pond 2nd
Det-Ri-Mental 2nd
12/05/95 Elevate 2nd
Papa Wembe
13/05/95 Delgados (BBC Radio Scotland 'Beat Patrol' Session)
Crowsdell 1st
19/05/95 Calvin Party 2nd
Huevos Rancheros 1st
20/05/95 Fitz Of Depression 1st
Transglobal Underground 2nd
26/05/95 Caspar Brotzmann Massaker 1st
God Is My Co-Pilot 3rd
27/05/95 Nectarine No. 9 3rd
Fugees Tranzlator Crew 1st (rpt)
02/06/95 Solar Race 1st
Boyracer 1st (rpt)
03/06/95 Soul Bossa  1st
Jale 1st (rpt)
09/06/95 Joyrider 1st
Plastikman 1st (rpt)
10/06/95 Doo Rag  1st (rpt)
Tribute To Nothing 1st (rpt)
16/06/95 Centry 1st (rpt)
Babes In Toyland 5th
17/06/95 El Dorados & CJ & The House 1st
Pulp 3rd (rpt)
23/06/95 Live at Glastonbury:
The Boredoms
24/06/95 Live at Glastonbury:
Zion Train
Diblo Dibala
Sharon Shannon
30/06/95 Distorted Waves Of Ohm 1st
Broccoli 1st
01/07/95 Beatnik Filmstars 1st
Delicatessen 1st
07/07/95 Sounds Of Life  1st
Palace Music
08/07/95 Flaming Stars 1st
A Guy Called Gerald 3rd
14/07/95 The Fall (live, Phoenix Festival)
15/07/95 The Wedding Present (live, Phoenix Festival)
21/07/95 Kenickie 1st
Yummy Fur 1st
22/07/95 Menswear 1st
MC Solaar 1st (rpt)
28/07/95 Pussycrush 1st (rpt)
Bandulu 2nd
29/07/95 The Four Brothers 3rd (rpt)
Mercury Rev  3rd
04/08/95 Bob Tilton 1st
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia 1st (rpt)
05/08/95 Half Man Half Biscuit 6th
Hopper 1st (rpt)
11/08/95 Shellac 1st (rpt)
Pet Lamb  2nd
12/08/95 Dick Dale 2nd
Dreadzone 2nd
18/08/95 I'm Being Good 1st (rpt)
Laurent Garnier
19/08/95 Supergrass 1st (rpt)
Stereolab 3rd (rpt)
25/08/95 Live at Reading Festival:
Solar Race
China Drum
26/08/95 Live at Reading Festival:
Spare Snare
27/08/95 Live at Reading Festival:
Babes In Toyland
01/09/95 Recorded at Reading Festival:
Flying Saucer Attack
A C Acoustics
02/09/95 Delicatessen (live Recording, Reading Festival)
08/09/95 Murmur 1st
Prolapse (live Recording, Reading Festival)
09/09/95 Goober Patrol 1st
Sabres Of Paradise 1st (rpt)
15/09/95 Strip Kings 1st
New Decade  1st (rpt)
16/09/95 American TV Cops 1st (rpt)
22/09/95 Pure Morning 1st (rpt)
Eat Static 1st (rpt)
23/09/95 Black Star Liner 1st (rpt)
Hooton 3 Car 1st (rpt)
29/09/95 Future Sound Of London 2nd
Elevate 2nd (rpt)
30/09/95 Pulp 1st (rpt)
06/10/95 Further 1st
Half Japanese 2nd
07/10/95 Manson 1st
Tunic 2nd
13/10/95 Autechre 1st
Deluxx Unconvinced 1st
Billy Bragg live acoustic session
14/10/95 Bis 1st
Quickspace Supersport 1st
20/10/95 Live at Glasgow 10 Day Weekend:
Urusei Yatsura
Nectarine No. 9
21/10/95 Delgados (live, Glasgow 10 Day Weekend)
27/10/95  Live at the Camden Live event:
Solar Race
Zion Train 
Dave Clarke
28/10/95 Ligament 1st
Echobelly 1st (rpt)
Zion Train (last night's encore)
03/11/95 Hood 1st
Alec Empire  1st
04/11/95 Golden Starlet 1st (rpt)
Natacha Atlas 1st
10/11/95 The Heads 1st
Distorted Waves Of Ohm 1st (rpt)
11/11/95 Half Man Half Biscuit 6th (rpt)
17/11/95 Flaming Stars 1st (rpt)
Pan@sonic 1st
18/11/95 Smaller 1st
24/11/95 Supreme Dicks 1st
Van Basten 1st
25/11/95 Jolt 1st
Yummy Fur 1st (rpt)
01/12/95 Christian Vogel 1st
02/12/95 Ash 1st (rpt)
Flinch 1st (rpt)
08/12/95 Bandulu 2nd (rpt)
Brainiac 1st
09/12/95  No show
15/12/95 Nubiles 1st
Elastica 3rd (rpt)
16/12/95 The Wedding Present (recorded 3/12/95) 11th
Livingstone 1st
22/12/95 The Fall  19th
Prince Far-I & Creation Rebel 1st (rpt)
23/12/95 Dick Dale 1st (rpt)
Diblo Dibala 1st (rpt)
29/12/95 Festive 50 1995 Part 1
30/12/95 Festive 50 1995 Part 2
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