the john peel sessions

Artist Session
05/01/96 Chrome Cranks 1st
06/01/96 Gene 1st
Magoo 1st
12/01/96 Zeni Geva 2nd
Future Sound of London 2nd (rpt)
13/01/96 Luggage 1st
Delgados (repeat of BBC Radio Scotland 'Beat Patrol' Session first broadcast on Peel 13/5/95)
19/01/96 Bob Tilton 1st (rpt)
DJ Hell 1st (rpt)
20/01/96 Broccoli 1st (rpt)
Crowsdell 1st (rpt)
26/01/96 A Guy Called Gerald 3rd (rpt)
27/01/96 Joyrider 1st (rpt)
Thrush Puppies 1st (rpt)
02/02/96 Dave Clarke interview
03/02/96 Chuck 1st
Bis 1st (rpt)
09/02/96 Spiritualized 2nd (rpt)
10/02/96 Movietone 2nd
Billy Bragg (repeat of acoustic live session from 13/10/95)
16/02/96 Grifters 2nd
17/02/96 Frank Black & The Catholics 1st
60ft Dolls 1st
23/02/96 Van Basten 1st (rpt)
Quickspace Supersport 1st (rpt)
24/02/96 Stereolab 4th
Cable 2nd
01/03/96 Smaller 1st (rpt)
Christian Vogel 1st (rpt)
02/03/96 Done Lying Down 3rd
Sewing Room 1st
08/03/96 Auteurs 1st
Nubiles 1st (rpt)
09/03/96 Joyrider 2nd
Kenickie 2nd
15/03/96 The Fall (recorded 30/5/78, first broadcast 15/6/78) 1st (rpt)
16/03/96 Nub
Zion Train & Ruts DC 2nd
22/03/96 Pan@sonic 1st (rpt)
Fugees 2nd
23/03/96 The Wedding Present 11th (rpt)
Sights 1st
29/03/96 The North Pole (demo, recorded in Italy by the band)
30/03/96 Loop Guru 4th
Comet Gain 1st
05/04/96 Manson 1st (rpt)
Flying Saucer Attack 2nd
06/04/96 Wilson 1st
Bandulu 3rd
12/04/96 Live at Sound City Leeds:
The Wedding Present
13/04/96 Record only show from Sound City Leeds
20/04/96 Urusei Yatsura  2nd
Flaming Stars 2nd
**Time Schedules Change to
Sat 17:00-19:00, Sun 20:00-22:00**
21/04/96 Lungleg 2nd
New Bad Things 1st
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (track live from Maida Vale)
27/04/96 Kenickie 2nd (rpt)
Ash 2nd
28/04/96 Hooton 3 Car 2nd
Magoo 1st (rpt)
04/05/96 Record only show
05/05/96 Record only show
11/05/96 Sleeper 3rd
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (recorded 21/04/96 with 1 track played live into programme) 3rd
12/05/96 Scarfo 1st
Delgados 1st (for
Peel's show)
18/05/96 Gene 1st (rpt)
19/05/96 60ft Dolls 1st (rpt)
LaBradford 2nd
25/05/96 Simon Joyner 1st
Dweeb 1st
26/05/96 Dave Angel 1st
Solar Race 2nd
01/06/96 Stereolab 4th (rpt)
02/06/96 Zion Train & Ruts DC 2nd (rpt)
08/06/96 Fugees 2nd (rpt)
09/06/96 Rumble (show presented by the boy Lamacq) 1st
15/06/96 US Maple 1st
16/06/96 Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats 3rd
Bis 2nd
22/06/96 Pussycrush 2nd
23/06/96 No Peel show
29/06/96 Live from Tribal Gathering:
Dave Clarke
Vandal Sand
DJ Vibes
30/06/96 Live from Tribal Gathering:
Daft Punk
Chemical Brothers 
06/07/96 Die Kruz 1st
07/07/96 Flaming Stars 2nd (rpt)
13/07/96 Man Or Astroman? (recorded 11/06/96) 3rd
14/07/96 Philistines Jr 3rd
Van Basten 2nd
20/07/96 Live at Phoenix Festival:
Fun Loving Criminals
Zion Train
21/07/96 Live at Phoenix Festival:
Urusei Yatsura
Red Snapper
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Baby Bird
The Fall
27/07/96 Brassy 1st
Bennett 1st
28/07/96 Guided By Voices 1st
03/08/96 Autopop 1st
04/08/96 Bluetones live at Maida Vale
10/08/96 Pure Morning 3rd
11/08/96 No Peel show
17/08/96 Beatnik Filmstars 2nd
18/08/96 The Fall 20th
24/08/96 Live from the Reading Festival with recorded highlights of:
China Drum
Billy Bragg
25/08/96 Live from the Reading Festival, with recorded highlights of:
The Wedding Present
Julian Cope
Flaming Lips
31/08/96 Tortoise 1st
01/09/96 Quickspace Supersport 2nd
07/09/96 Conscious Sound Collective 1st
08/09/96 Delgados 1st (rpt)
14/09/96 Tunic 3rd
15/09/96 Record only show
21/09/96 John Parish & Polly Harvey recorded at Peelacres
22/09/96 Dave Angel 1st (rpt)
**Schedule Change to
Sat 16:00-19:00, Sun 20:00-22:00**
28/09/96 Bennett 1st (rpt)
29/09/96 Dweeb 1st (rpt)
05/10/96  Van Basten 2nd (rpt)
06/10/96 Broadcast 1st
12/10/96 Nil 1st
13/10/96 Doo Rag 2nd
19/10/96 No Peel show - the boy Lamacq from 10 Day Weekend
20/10/96 No Peel show - the boy Lamacq from 10 Day Weekend
26/10/96 Future Sound Of London live by ISDN (show presented by the boy Lamacq)
27/10/96 Bluetones (repeat of live Maida Vale session 04/08/96. Show presented by the boy Lamacq)
02/11/96 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 3rd (rpt)
03/11/96 Soul Bossa 2nd
09/11/96 Hooton 3 Car 2nd (rpt)
10/11/96 Live from the Soho Live event:
The Delgados
16/11/96 Tiger 1st
17/11/96 Cha Cha Cohen 1st
23/11/96 Propellerheads 1st
24/11/96 Broadcast 1st (rpt)
30/11/96 Scott Brown 1st
01/12/96 Quickspace 2nd (rpt)
07/12/96 Tindersticks 3rd
08/12/96 Trusty 1st
14/12/96 Roni Size (live)
15/12/96 Record only show
21/12/96 Festive 50 1996 
22/12/96 Festive 50 1996 
Billy Bragg live Christmas spectacular
28/12/96 Festive 50 1996 
29/12/96 Festive 50 1996 
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