the john peel sessions

Artist Session
**New Peel Show Times:
Sat 17:00-19:00, Sun 20:00-22:00**
04/01/97 Dumb 1st
Backwater 1st
05/01/97 Radar Brothers 1st
11/01/97 Mogwai 1st
Jubilee Allstars 1st
12/01/97 Dream City Film Club 1st
18/01/97 Bennett 2nd
19/01/97 Soul Bossa 2nd (rpt)
25/01/97 The Orb (live)
26/01/97 Kenickie 2nd (rpt)
01/02/97 Propellerheads 1st (rpt)
02/02/97 Half Man Half Biscuit 7th
08/02/97 Midget 1st
09/02/97 The Heads 2nd
15/02/97 Topper 1st
16/02/97 Clinic 1st
**New Peel Show Times:
Tues to Thurs 22:10 to midnight.
This gradually becomes 22:00 to midnight
as the 10-minute documentary slots die.**
18/02/97 Coldcut live from Maida Vale
19/02/97 Tindersticks 3rd (rpt)
20/02/97 Adventures In Stereo 1st
25/02/97 Experimental Pop Band 1st
26/02/97 Soundman (recorded at BBC Radio Manchester) 1st
27/02/97 Carl Cox (live)
04/03/97 Magoo (show broadcast from Glasgow) 2nd
05/03/97 Calvin Party 3rd
06/03/97 Broken Dog  1st
11/03/97 Beatnik Filmstars 3rd
12/03/97 No Peel show
13/03/97 AC Acoustics 3rd
18/03/97 Doo Rag  2nd (rpt)
19/03/97 Flaming Stars 3rd
20/03/97 Rome 1st
25/03/97 Arab Strap 1st
26/03/97 Loop Guru 5th
27/03/97 Black Dog 2nd
01/04/97 The Gentle People 1st
02/04/97 Liberator DJs / London Acid
Techno Mafia
03/04/97 Source Direct 1st
08/04/97 Prolapse 2nd
09/04/97 Olivia Tremor Control 1st
10/04/97 Record only show
15/04/97 Number One Cup 1st
16/04/97 Bette Davis & The Balconettes 1st
17/04/97 Panacea 1st
22/04/97 Folk Implosion 1st
23/04/97 Melys 1st
24/04/97 Record only show
27/04/97 Broadcast (live at London Music Week, Peel/Lamacq)
28/04/97 Live at London Music Week (Peel/Lamacq):
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
29/04/97 Live at London Music Week (Peel/Lamacq):
AC Acoustics
30/04/97 Eels (live at London Music Week, Peel/Lamacq)
01/05/97 Bentley Rhythm Ace (live at London Music Week, Peel/Lamacq)
05/05/97 Blur (live set recorded at Peelacres)
06/05/97 Andrew Beaujean & Tunic 1st
07/05/97 Agathocles 1st
08/05/97 Future Sound Of London (rpt of live
ISDN session)
13/05/97 Hooton 3 Car 3rd
14/05/97 God Is My Co-Pilot 4th
15/05/97 The Make Up 1st
20/05/97 Kidnapper 1st
21/05/97 Servotron 1st
22/05/97 Live at Manchester Live '97 (Peel/Lamacq):
Zion Train
Dave Angel
27/05/97 Suckle 1st
28/05/97 Demolition Doll Rods 1st
29/05/97 Panacea 1st (rpt)
03/06/97 Cable 3rd
04/06/97 Velocette 1st
05/06/97 No Peel Show
10/06/97  Brassy 1st (rpt)
11/06/97 DM Bob & The Deficits 1st
12/06/97 Inter 1st
17/06/97 Folk Implosion 1st (rpt)
18/06/97 Mouse On Mars featuring Mary
& Laetitia Stereolab
19/06/97 Mark Eitzel & Peter Buck live acoustic session
24/06/97 The Gentle People 1st (rpt)
25/06/97 Fuck (as "Feck") 1st
26/06/97 Record only show from Glastonbury
01/07/97 The Secret Goldfish (recorded 15/06/97) 1st
02/07/97 Melys 1st (rpt)
03/07/97 Crocodile God 1st
08/07/97 Prolapse 2nd (rpt)
09/07/97 The Male Nurse 1st
10/07/97 The Black Dog 2nd (rpt)
15/07/97 Pop Off Tuesday 1st
16/07/97 The Delgados 2nd
17/07/97 Source Direct 1st (rpt)
22/07/97 New Bad Things 2nd
23/07/97 Bangtwister 1st
24/07/97 Scott Brown 1st (rpt)
29/07/97 Man Or Astroman?  4th
30/07/97 Record only show
31/07/97 Police Cat 1st
05/08/97 Yo La Tengo 1st
06/08/97 Midget 1st (rpt)
07/08/97 Bowery Electric 1st
12/08/97 The Hitchers (recorded 27/07/97) 1st
13/08/97 Flaming Stars 3rd (rpt)
14/08/97 Urusei Yatsura 3rd
19/08/97 Beatnik Filmstars 4th
20/08/97 The Heads 2nd (rpt)
21/08/97 Pavement live at Maida Vale
26/08/97 Stony Sleep 1st
27/08/97 Lance Gambit Trio (Oasis cover versions) 1st
28/08/97 Dave Angel (live)
02/09/97 Salaryman 1st
03/09/97 Dawn Of The Replicants 1st
04/09/97 Velocette 1st (rpt)
09/09/97 Period Pains 1st
10/09/97 Done Lying Down 4th
11/09/97 Mouse On Mars featuring Mary & Laetitia Stereolab 2nd (rpt)
16/09/97 Echo & The Bunnymen live at Maida Vale
17/09/97 The Hybirds 1st
18/09/97 Inter 1st (rpt)
23/09/97 No Peel show
24/09/97 Stereolab live from Maida Vale
25/09/97 Live at the launch of Oxford Sound City Launch (Peel/Lamacq):
30/09/97 Movietone 3rd
01/10/97 Peel Show 30th anniversary surprise gig:
The Delgados
02/10/97 Secret Goldfish 1st (rpt)
07/10/97 Black Star Liner 2nd
08/10/97 Bowery Electric 1st (rpt)
09/10/97 Girlfrendo 1st
14/10/97 Helen Love 1st
15/10/97 The Male Nurse 1st (rpt)
16/10/97 Eat Static (live)
21/10/97 The Flaming Stars 4th
22/10/97 Rachels 1st
23/10/97 Yo La Tengo 1st (rpt)
27/10/97 Live at Oxford Sound City (Peel/Lamacq):
28/10/97 Live at Oxford Sound City (Peel/Lamacq):
29/10/97 Live at Oxford Sound City (Peel/Lamacq):
Hurricane #1
30/10/97 Live at Oxford Sound City (Peel/Lamacq):
Lo-Fidelity Allstars
The Egg
DJ Shadow
Bentley Rhythm Ace
04/11/97 The Pastels 2nd
05/11/97 The Hitchers 1st (rpt)
06/11/97 To Rococo Rot 1st
11/11/97 The Leopards  1st
12/11/97 Smog 2nd
13/11/97 Dawn Of The Replicants 1st (rpt)
18/11/97 Man Or Astroman? 4th (rpt)
19/11/97 Calexico 1st
20/11/97 Delgados 2nd (rpt)
25/11/97 Electric Sound Of Joy (track live from Maida Vale, show presented by Pulp)
26/11/97 Add N to (x) (show presented by Pulp) 1st
27/11/97 Electric Sound Of Joy (recorded 25/11/97, when one track was played live from Maida Vale. Presented by Pulp) 1st
02/12/97 Period Pains 1st (rpt)
03/12/97 Magic Dirt 1st
04/12/97 No Peel Show
09/12/97 Half Japanese (show presented by boy Lamacq) 3rd
10/12/97 Justin Berkovi (presented by boy) 1st
11/12/97 No Peel show
16/12/97 Eska 1st
17/12/97 Lance Gambit Trio 1st (rpt)
18/12/97 Coldcut (live)
23/12/97 Festive 31 1997 (4 hour show)
Pavement (rpt of live session from Maida Vale 21/08/97)
24/12/97 No Peel show
25/12/97 No Peel show
30/12/97 No Peel show
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