the john peel sessions

Artist Session
01/01/98 No Peel show
06/01/98 Comet Gain 2nd
07/01/98 Girlfrendo 1st (rpt)
08/01/98 Plaid 1st
13/01/98 Lovejunk 1st
14/01/98 To Rococo Rot 1st (rpt)
15/01/98 Christian Vogel 2nd
20/01/98 Dustball 1st
21/01/98 Hybirds 1st (rpt)
22/01/98 No Peel show - extended Evening Session for the NME Live event from the Astoria, London. Live sets from Campag Velocet, Arab Strap, Mogwai, Super Furry Animals
27/01/98 No Peel show
28/01/98 Macrocosmica 1st
29/01/98 Beatnik Filmstars 5th
03/02/98 Lillian 1st
04/02/98 Nought 1st
05/02/98 Add N to (x) 1st (rpt)
10/02/98 Polythene 1st
11/02/98 Calexico 1st (rpt)
12/02/98 Coldcut (repeat of live session from 18/12/97)
17/02/98 Mogwai 2nd
18/02/98 Red Monkey 1st
19/02/98 Justin Berkovi 1st (rpt)
24/02/98 Half Man Half Biscuit 8th
25/02/98 Pop Off Tuesday 1st (rpt)
26/02/98 The Male Nurse 2nd
03/03/98 The Fall  21st
04/03/98 Cornershop 1st (rpt)
05/03/98 Finitribe (live)
10/03/98 Arab Strap 2nd
11/03/98 Spraydog 1st
12/03/98 Plaid 1st (rpt)
17/03/98  Scarfo 2nd
18/03/98 Gene 2nd
19/03/98 Electric Sound Of Joy 1st (rpt)
24/03/98 Super Furry Animals (track played live from Maida Vale)
25/03/98 Leopards 1st (rpt)
26/03/98 No Peel show
31/03/98 Clinic 2nd
01/04/98 Bangtwister 1st (rpt)
02/04/98 Aerial M 1st
07/04/98 Yummy Fur 2nd
Six by Seven (2 tracks live from Maida Vale)
08/04/98 Flaming Stars  4th (rpt)
09/04/98 El Hombre Trajeado 1st
14/04/98 Dustball 1st (rpt)
15/04/98 Velodrome 2000 1st
16/04/98 Thievery Corporation 1st
21/04/98 60ft Dolls live session from Maida Vale
22/04/98 Super Furry Animals (track previously played live into programme 24/03/98) 1st
23/04/98 Servotron 1st (rpt)
28/04/98 Two live tracks each from Maida Vale:
Dawn Of The Replicants
29/04/98 Polythene 1st (rpt)
30/04/98 Tortoise 2nd
05/05/98 The High Fidelity 1st
Solex (track live from Maida Vale)
06/05/98 Travis Cut 1st
07/05/98 Technoanimal 1st
12/05/98 Six by Seven (recorded 07/04/98 with two other tracks played live from Maida Vale) 1st
Magoo (track live from Maida Vale)
13/05/98 Two session tracks each, recorded 28/04/98 with 2 other tracks live from Maida Vale:
Leopards 2nd
Dawn Of The Replicants 2nd
14/05/98 Half Man Half Biscuit 8th (rpt)
19/05/98 Jeff Mills (live)
20/05/98 Cable 4th
21/05/98 Nought 1st (rpt)
26/05/98 Crocodile God 2nd
27/05/98 Kerb 1st
28/05/98 Pavement (repeat of live session recorded 21/08/97)
02/06/98 Plone 1st
Topper (track live from Maida Vale)
03/06/98 Nectarine No. 9 4th
04/06/98 Lance Gambit Trio 1st (rpt)
09/06/98 Solex (recorded 05/05/98 with 1 track live from Maida Vale) 1st
10/06/98 Sportique 1st
11/06/98 Ten Benson 1st
Dustball (track live from Maida Vale)
16/06/98 Grandaddy 1st
Boards Of Canada (track live from Maida Vale)
17/06/98 Delgados 3rd
18/06/98 Silicone 1st
23/06/98 Melys live from Maida Vale featuring Welsh Male Voice Choir
24/06/98 Stony Sleep 2nd
25/06/98 Dreadzone (set recorded at Glastonbury '97, show broadcast from Glastonbury)
27/06/98 Show from Glastonbury, 6-9pm
28/06/98 Show from Glastonbury, 6-9pm
30/06/98 Live at Meltdown Festival, recorded 20/06/98 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall:
01/07/98 Live at Meltdown Festival, recorded at Royal Festival Hall:
Sonic Youth
The Delgados
02/07/98 Live at Meltdown Festival, recorded at Royal Festival Hall:
Blood & Fire Sound System
07/07/98 Silver Apples featuring Blur (live at Meltdown Festival, recorded 05/07/98 at Royal Festival Hall)
08/07/98 Live at Meltdown Festival, recorded 04/07/98 at Royal Festival Hall:
Jesus & Mary Chain
09/07/98 Billy Bragg (live)
14/07/98 Magoo (recorded 12/05/98 with 1 track played live from Maida Vale) 3rd
Hofman (tracks live from Maida Vale)
15/07/98 Topper (recorded Maida Vale 02/06/98 with 1 track played live into programme) 1st
16/07/98 Cinerama 1st
21/07/98 Boards Of Canada (recorded Maida Vale 16/06/98 with 1 track played live into programme) 1st
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (track played live from Maida Vale)
22/07/98 Dustball (recorded Maida Vale 11/06/98 with 1 track played live into programme) 2nd
23/07/98 Recorded at Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall:
Half Man Half Biscuit
Add N to (x) 
28/07/98 Flaming Stars 5th
El Hombre Trajeado (track live from Maida Vale)
29/07/98 Unwound 1st
30/07/98 Gene 2nd (rpt)
04/08/98 Bis 3rd
05/08/98 Metrotone 1st
06/08/98 The Male Nurse 2nd (rpt)
11/08/98  Thomas Mapfumo & Blacks Unlimited
12/08/98 Elements Of Noize 1st
13/08/98 Super Furry Animals 1st (rpt)
18/08/98 Spiritualized featuring Sonic Youth (recorded at Meltdown Festival 01/07/98 at the Royal Festival Hall)
19/08/98 Hofman (recorded 14/07/98 with tracks played live into programme) 1st
20/08/98 Clinic 2nd (rpt)
25/08/98 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (recorded 21/07/98 at Maida Vale with 1 track played live into programme) 4th
26/08/98 Gilded Lil 1st
27/08/98 60ft Dolls (repeat of live session from Maida Vale 21/04/98)
01/09/98 Mogwai 3rd
02/09/98 Broccoli 2nd
03/09/98 Dave Angel (live)
08/09/98 Yo La Tengo 2nd
09/09/98 Twp 1st
10/09/98 Scarfo 2nd (rpt)
15/09/98 Comatose 1st
16/09/98 Conemelt 1st
17/09/98 No show - Lamacq from Sound City Newcastle Launch Night (Shed Seven and Theaudience live at the Riverside)
22/09/98 Broken Dog 2nd
23/09/98 PJ Harvey (taken from Evening Session live session)
24/09/98 James Ruskin/The Drop (live DJ set)
29/09/98 Buckfunk 3000 (aka Si Begg) (live DJ set)
30/09/98 Fuck 2nd
01/10/98 Yummy Fur 2nd (rpt)
06/10/98 Appliance 1st
07/10/98 Astronaut 1st
08/10/98 Pacou (live DJ
Neil Langstrum & Tobias Schmidt sets from
Surgeon Maida 
Regis Vale)
13/10/98 Hefner 1st
14/10/98 Tram 1st
15/10/98 The High Fidelity 1st (rpt)
20/10/98 Quickspace 3rd
21/10/98 Cornelius 1st
22/10/98 Plone 1st (rpt)
26/10/98 Live from the Newcastle Riverside and University for Sound City 98 (Peel/Lamacq):
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Rocket From The Crypt
Super Furry Animals
27/10/98 Live from the Newcastle Riverside and University for Sound City 98 (Peel/Lamacq):
Six by Seven
Three Colours Red
28/10/98 Live from the Newcastle Riverside and University for Sound City 98 (Peel/Lamacq):
29/10/98 Live from the Newcastle Riverside and University for Sound City 98 (Peel/Lamacq):
Dub Pistols
Fatboy Slim
03/11/98 White Hassle 1st
04/11/98 The Fall 22nd
05/11/98 Sea Nymphs 1st
10/11/98 El Hombre Trajeado (recorded at Maida Vale 28/07/98 with 1 track played live into programme) 2nd
11/11/98 Cay 1st
12/11/98 Sportique 1st (rpt)
17/11/98 REM 1st
Juan Atkins  (live 
DJ set)
18/11/98 Brian Jonestown Massacre 1st
19/11/98 Nectarine No. 9 4th (rpt)
24/11/98 Samurai Seven 1st
25/11/98 Tiger 2nd
26/11/98 Solex 1st (rpt)
01/12/98 Klute 1st
02/12/98 Sean Dickson (omnichord session) 1st
03/12/98 Cinerama 1st (rpt)
08/12/98 DJ Wilbur Wilberforce (live 
DJ set)
09/12/98 Wagonchrist 1st
10/12/98 Boards Of Canada 1st (rpt)
15/12/98 Motor Life Co. 1st
16/12/98 Turbocat 1st
17/12/98 Grandaddy 1st (rpt)
22/12/98 Festive 50 98 Part 1
23/12/98 Festive 50 98 Part 2
24/12/98 No Peel show
29/12/98 Festive 50 98 Part 3
30/12/98 New Order special: interview, studio session and set recorded at Reading Festival 3rd
31/12/98 No Peel show
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