the john peel sessions

Artist Session
05/01/99 Quasi 1st
06/01/99 Tarwater 1st
07/01/99 Delgados 3rd (rpt)
12/01/99 Faust 2nd
13/01/99 Cuban Boys 1st
14/01/99 Cay 1st (rpt)
19/01/99 Godspeed You Black Emperor! 1st
20/01/99 Caroline Martin 1st
21/01/99 Mogwai 3rd (rpt)
26/01/99 Scratch Perverts (live 
DJ set)
27/01/99 Fleece (recorded 10/98) 1st
28/01/99 Metrotone (recorded 06/98) 1st (rpt)
02/02/99 Spare Snare 2nd
03/02/99 Salako 1st
04/02/99 Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall 31/01/99:
09/02/99 Black Star Liner 2nd
10/02/99 Woodbine 1st
11/02/99 Comatose 1st (rpt)
16/02/99 No Peel show
17/02/99 Peel Sessions Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall:
18/02/99 Twp 1st (rpt)
23/02/99 Freddy Fresh  (live 
DJ set)
24/02/99 Carl Cox (live 
DJ set)
25/02/99 PJ Harvey (repeat of live session recorded for the Evening Session, first broadcast on Peel 23/09/98)
02/03/99 Derrero 1st
03/03/99 Hefner (gospel covers) 2nd
04/03/99 Quickspace 3rd (rpt)
09/03/99 Ooberman 1st
10/03/99 Fantasmagroover 1st
11/03/99 Appliance (show co-presented by Simon Mayo for Comic Relief and oh what a laugh we had) 1st (rpt)
16/03/99 Bonnie Prince Billy (recorded 02/02/99) 1st
17/03/99  Dream City Film Club 2nd
18/03/99 Tram 1st (rpt)
23/03/99 AC Acoustics 4th
24/03/99 Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall 19/03/99:
Atari Teenage Riot 
Christoph De Babalon 
25/03/99 Record only show from Peelacres. Billy Bragg in attendance.
30/03/99 Billy Mahonie 1st
31/03/99 Spraydog 1st (rpt)
01/04/99 Peel Sessions almost Live at the Improv Theatre, London:
PJ Harvey and John Parish 
Echo & the Bunnymen
06/04/99 DJs Kemistry & Storm (live 
DJ set)
07/04/99 ISAN 1st
08/04/99 Brian Jonestown Massacre 1st (rpt)
13/04/99 Karamazov 1st
14/04/99 Novak 1st
15/04/99  Tim & Charlotte from Ash live acoustic session from Peelacres
20/04/99 18th Dye 3rd
21/04/99 Pram 1st
22/04/99 Black Star Liner 3rd (rpt)
27/04/99 Orbital (recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall 24/04/99)
28/04/99 Cornelius (recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall 24/04/99)
29/04/99 Ec8or 1st
04/05/99 Hirameka Hi Fi 1st
05/05/99 Monograph 1st
06/05/99 Cinerama live acoustic session from Peelacres
11/05/99 To Rococo Rot 2nd
12/05/99 Reviver Gene 2nd
13/05/99 White Hassle 1st (rpt)
18/05/99 Marine Research 1st
19/05/99 Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats 4th
20/05/99 The Fall 22nd (rpt)
25/05/99 Mercury Rev (Show broadcast from Glasgow) 4th
26/05/99 Live from Glasgow Old Art School:
The High Fidelity 
27/05/99 Samurai Seven 1st (rpt)
01/06/99 Lo-Fi Generator 1st
02/06/99 Third Eye Foundation 1st
03/06/99 Peel Sessions nearly live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall:
08/06/99 Flossie & the Unicorns 1st
09/06/99 10 5 Neuton 1st
10/06/99 Motor Life Co. 1st (rpt)
15/06/99 Calexico 2nd
16/06/99 Union Kid 1st
17/06/99 Hefner (gospel covers) 2nd (rpt)
22/06/99 Low 1st
23/06/99 Pilotcan 1st
24/06/99 4hr Live show from Glastonbury (Peel/Lamacq)
26/06/99 Three hour show from Glastonbury presented by Peel and Mary Ann Hobbs. Recorded sets from:
Super Furry Animals
Manic Street Preachers
29/06/99 Black Star Liner (recorded at Glastonbury 99)
30/06/99 Billy Bragg & The Blokes (recorded at Glastonbury 99)
01/07/99 Novak 1st (rpt)
06/07/99 Dawn Of The Replicants 3rd
07/07/99 Ha-Lo (live DJ set)
08/07/99 Bonnie Prince Billy 1st (rpt)
13/07/99 Six by Seven 2nd
14/07/99 Secret Goldfish 2nd
15/07/99 Wagonchrist 1st (rpt)
20/07/99 Flaming Stars 6th
21/07/99 Frank Black & the Catholics 2nd
22/07/99 Klute 1st (rpt)
27/07/99 Man Or Astroman? 5th
28/07/99 Flaming Lips 2nd
29/07/99 Loudon Wainwright III live session from Peelacres
03/08/99 Miss Mend 1st
04/08/99 Senseless Prayer 1st
05/08/99 Plaid 2nd
10/08/99 John Armstrong (live DJ set)
11/08/99 Fokkewolf 1st
12/08/99 Hefner live session from Peelacres
17/08/99 Twist 1st
18/08/99 Repeat of programme featuring 
Flaming Lips session from 28/07/99
2nd (rpt)
19/08/99 Jim O'Rourke (show presented by the boy Lamacq) 1st
24/08/99 The Pastels 3rd
25/08/99 Lolita Storm 1st
26/08/99 Khaya 1st
31/08/99 Peel Night live from Maida Vale to celebrate John's 60th birthday, 8pm-2am. Live sets from:
Scratch Perverts (live 
DJ set)
Dave Angel
Plus special birthday session tracks from Quasi, The Pastels, Yo La Tengo, Cha Cha Cohen and Solex
01/09/99 Bonny Prince Billy (live set recorded as part of Peel Night)
02/09/99 Live sets recorded as part of Peel Night:
Dave Clarke
07/09/99 No Peel show
08/09/99 Autechre 2nd
09/09/99 Half Man Half Biscuit 9th
14/09/99 Supergrass special, including a live set recorded at Peelacres
15/09/99 Atari Teenage Riot (recorded at Reading Festival)
16/09/99 To Rococo Rot 2nd (rpt)
21/09/99 Melt-Banana (live, programme broadcast from Maida Vale)
22/09/99 Sportique 2nd
23/09/99 Low 1st (rpt)
28/09/99 Broken Dog 3rd
29/09/99 Quickspace 4th
30/09/99 Hellacopters 1st
05/10/99 Blur (recorded at Peelacres)
06/10/99 Plone 2nd
07/10/99 Recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Hall 1/10/99:
Lonnie Donegan
Half Man Half Biscuit
12/10/99 Light 1st
13/10/99 Rooney 1st
14/10/99 No show
19-21/10/99 No shows - Peel on holiday
25/10/99 Live from Sound City Liverpool:
Flaming Lips
26/10/99 Live from Sound City Liverpool:
Marine Research
Surreal Madrid
27/10/99 Live from Sound City Liverpool:
To Rococo Rot
28/10/99 Recorded at Sound City Liverpool:
02/11/99 Cinerama 2nd
03/11/99 Tram 2nd
04/11/99 Ooberman (recorded at Sound City Liverpool 24/10/99)
09/11/99 Elastica 4th
10/11/99 Butterflies of Love 1st
11/11/99 Michael Hurley 1st
16/11/99 Quasi 2nd
17/11/99 Radar Brothers 2nd
18/11/99 Pop Off Tuesday 2nd
23/11/99 Magoo 4th
24/11/99 Live from Maida Vale:
25/11/99 Flossie & the Unicorns 1st (rpt)
30/11/99 Echoboy 1st
01/12/99 Murry the Hump 1st
02/12/99 Calexico 2nd (rpt)
07/12/99 Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall 4/12/99:
Nectarine No. 9
Yo La Tengo
08/12/99 Christmas carol concert from Maida Vale with 'singing' from the assembled hordes and live tracks of a festive nature from: 
Marine Research
Broken Dog
The High Fidelity
09/12/99 Billy Bragg (recorded at Queen Elizabeth Hall 4/12/99)
14/12/99 Guided By Voices 2nd
15/12/99 Beulah 1st
16/12/99 Pachinos 1st
21/12/99 Black Heart Procession 1st
22/12/99 Fonn 1st
23/12/99 Festive Fifty 1999
28/12/99 Festive Fifty 1999
29/12/99 Festive Fifty 1999
30/12/99 No show
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