the john peel sessions

Artist Session
04/01/00 All-time Festive Fifty
05/01/00 All-time Festive Fifty
06/01/00 All-time Festive Fifty
11/01/00 Hefner (recorded in Groningen 08/01/00)
12/01/00 The Make Up 2nd
All-time Festive Fifty
13/01/00 Bluetip 1st
All-time Festive Fifty
18/01/00 Ui 1st
All-time Festive Fifty
19/01/00 Mouse on Mars 3rd
All-time Festive Fifty
20/01/00 Man Or Astroman? 5th (rpt)
All-time Festive Fifty
25/01/00 Derrero 2nd
All-time Festive Fifty
26/01/00 Samurai Seven 2nd
All-time Festive Fifty
27/01/00 Clinic 3rd
01/02/00 Add N to (x) 2nd
02/02/00 Dustball 3rd
03/02/00 Appliance 2nd
08/02/00 Monkey Steals the Drum 1st
09/02/00 Broadcast 2nd
10/02/00 Tystion 1st
15/02/00 Creeping Bent 5th Birthday Night
from Maida Vale. Live sets from:
16/02/00 µ-ziq 1st
17/02/00 Melys 2nd
22/02/00 Trans Am 1st
23/02/00 Angelica 1st
24/02/00 Quasi 2nd (rpt)
29/02/00 Samurai Seven (covers session) 3rd
01/03/00 Superfurry Animals 2nd
02/03/00 Elastica 4th (rpt)
07/03/00 Laika 1st
08/03/00 Luke Slater live at Maida Vale
09/03/00 Mira Calix 1st
14/03/00 Chemikal Underground 5th birthday special recorded in Glasgow 12/03/00. Short sets from:
The Delgados
Arab Strap
15/03/00 Magnétophone 1st
16/03/00 Mouse on Mars 3rd (rpt)
21/03/00 Ballboy 1st
22/03/00 Alfie 1st
23/03/00 Inter 2nd
28/03/00 Hefner 3rd
29/03/00 Peel Sessions Live at the Union Chapel, London:
Murry the Hump
The High Fidelity
30/03/00 Calexico live session at Peelacres 3rd
04/04/00 Lupine Howl 1st
05/04/00 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 5th
06/04/00 The Make Up 2nd (rpt)
11/04/00 Lowlights recorded at All Tomorrow's Parties,
Camber Sands 7-9/4/00:
Bardo Pond
Papa M
Sigur Rós
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
12/04/00 Persil 1st
Hefner (one session track not broadcast 28/3/00)
13/04/00 Appliance 2nd (rpt)
Calexico (repeat of track interrupted by 
emergency tape during live session from
Peelacres 30/3/00)
18/04/00 Pluto Monkey (recorded 23/2/00) 1st
19/04/00 DJ Food  1st
20/04/00 One Live in London from the Scala, King's Cross:
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole
Superfurry Animals
25/04/00 Reviver Gene 3rd
26/04/00 Richie Hawtin live DJ set at Maida Vale
27/04/00 Cats Against The Bomb 1st
02/05/00 Fantasmagroover 2nd
03/05/00 Kid Koala 1st
04/05/00 Aereogramme 1st
09/05/00 Arab Strap 3rd
10/05/00 Cuban Boys (covers session) 2nd
Arab Strap (one session track not 
broadcast 9/5/00)
11/05/00 One Live in Europe from Radio Eins in Potsdam
Sender Berlin (tracks recorded at their Berlin flat 11/5/00)
16/05/00 The Delgados 4th
17/05/00 Pete Wylie
18/05/00 People Under the Stairs 1st
23/05/00 Surgeon live DJ set (programme from BBC Birmingham)
24/05/00 Live from the Irish Centre, Birmingham for BBC Music Live:
25/05/00 No Peel show
30/05/00 Lianne Hall & Pico 1st
31/05/00 Wheat 1st
01/06/00 Chicks on Speed 1st
06/06/00 Khaya 2nd
07/06/00 Travis Cut 2nd
08/06/00 Suckle 2nd
13/06/00 Lolita Storm 2nd
14/06/00 Cinerama live at Maida Vale
15/06/00 Monkey Steals the Drum 2nd (rpt)
20/06/00 Kid 606 vs The Remote Viewer 1st
21/06/00 Brassy 2nd
22/06/00 Radar Brothers 3rd
24/06/00 Programme from Glastonbury as part of Radio One's coverage. Live / recorded extracts from:
Dave Clarke
Pet Shop Boys (live)
Travis (live)
27/06/00 EZ Rollers recorded at Glastonbury
28/06/00 Freestylers recorded at Glastonbury
29/06/00 Leftfield recorded at Glastonbury
04/07/00 The Delgados recorded at the Union Chapel, London 13/5/00
05/07/00 Six By Seven 3rd
06/07/00 Laura Cantrell & The Radio Sweethearts 1st
11-13/07/00 No shows - Peel on holiday
18/07/00 Blonde Redhead 1st
19/07/00 Turntablists special live from Maida Vale featuring the finalists of the Technics/DMC DJ Championships held on July 15th:
Mr Thing
Plus One
20/07/00 Cat Power (cover versions) 1st
25/07/00 Piano Magic 1st
26/07/00 Sex Clark Five 3rd
27/07/00 Cowcube 1st
01/08/00 Spraydog 2nd
02/08/00 Pilote 1st
03/08/00 Tystion 1st (rpt)
08/08/00 Element 1st
09/08/00 Whistler 1st
10/08/00 Lupine Howl 1st (rpt)
15/08/00 Pram 2nd
16/08/00 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 1st
17/08/00 Pluto Monkey 1st (rpt)
22/08/00 Clinic 4th
23/08/00 Hefner live at Maida Vale
24/08/00 Kid Koala 1st (rpt)
29/08/00 eX-Girl 1st
30/08/00 Melt-Banana repeat of the live session from Maida Vale 21/9/99 (rpt)
31/08/00 Cat Power (cover versions - second part of the session broadcast 20/7/00) 1st 
(part two)
05/09/00 Broken Dog 4th
06/09/00 Rothko 1st
07/09/00 No show
12/09/00 The Delgados (programme 10:30-midnight) 4th (rpt)
13/09/00 Neko Case and Her Boyfriends live at Maida Vale
14/09/00 Trembling Blue Stars 1st
19/09/00 Cinerama 3rd
20/09/00 Solex live from Maida Vale
21/09/00 Electric Music AKA 1st
26/09/00 Sigur Rós 1st
27/09/00 Portal 1st
28/09/00 The Four Brothers 4th
03/10/00 Ten Benson 2nd
04/10/00 Kelis 1st
05/10/00 Dick Dale (programme midnight-2am) 3rd
10/10/00 Herman Düne 1st
11/10/00 Nought 2nd
12/10/00 Ant 1st
17/10/00 The Kingsbury Manx 1st
18/10/00 The Heads 3rd
19/10/00 Mukka 1st
24/10/00 One Live in Cardiff at Clwb Ifor Bach:
Reviver Gene
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci (acoustic set)
25/10/00 One Live in Cardiff at Clwb Ifor Bach:
Murry the Hump
26/10/00 One Live in Cardiff at the Coal Exchange:
PJ Harvey
31/10/00 Gene 3rd
01/11/00 Man or Astroman? live at Maida Vale
02/11/00 The Radio Sweethearts 1st
07/11/00 Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva live at Maida Vale
08/11/00 Low live at Maida Vale
09/11/00 Monkey Steals the Drum 2nd
14/11/00 Wisdom of Harry 1st
15/11/00 Do Make Say Think 1st
16/11/00 Laura Cantrell & The Radio Sweethearts 1st (rpt)
21/11/00 Sodastream 1st
22/11/00 Tompaulin 1st
23/11/00 The Incredible String Band 12th
28/11/00 Clearlake 1st
29/11/00 Echoboy 2nd
30/11/00 Electric Music AKA 1st (rpt)
05/12/00 Cay 2nd
06/12/00 Dave Clarke live DJ set at Maida Vale
07/12/00 Ballboy 1st (rpt)
12/12/00 Brave Captain 1st
13/12/00 Cat Power (covers session) 1st (rpt)
14/12/00 Lorimer 1st
19/12/00 Festive Fifty 25th anniversary special at Maida
Vale, including an exciting pop quiz, recorded
13/12/00. With live performances from:
Billy Bragg
J Mascis and the Fog
David Gedge
Gary Numan
20/12/00 PJ Harvey 4th
21/12/00 Christmas special live from Peelacres with carol
singing, the handbell ringers of Bucksall and
festive performances from:
Wisdom of Harry
Herman Düne
Murry the Hump
26/12/00 Festive Fifty 2000
27/12/00 Festive Fifty 2000
28/12/00 Festive Fifty 2000
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