the john peel sessions

Artist Session
02/01/01 Record-only show
03/01/01 Record-only show
04/01/01 Record-only show
09/01/01 Melys recorded at the Noorderslag Festival in Groningen, Holland
10/01/01 J Mascis and the Fog 1st
11/01/01 Low recorded at Maida Vale 8/11/00 (rpt)
16/01/01 Hefner 4th
17/01/01 Cowcube 1st (rpt)
18/01/01 Rechenzentrum 1st
23/01/01 Alfie 2nd
24/01/01 Union Kid 2nd
25/01/01 Wisdom of Harry 1st (rpt)
30/01/01 Tram 3rd
31/01/01 MC Mabon 1st
01/02/01 Laura Cantrell live at Peelacres
06/02/01 Sportique 3rd
07/02/01 Gary Numan live at Maida Vale
08/02/01 Sodastream 1st (rpt)
13/02/01 PJ Harvey (repeat of live set from the Coal Exchange, Cardiff 26/10/00)
14/02/01 Grover 1st
15/02/01 Bonnie Prince Billy 2nd
20/02/01 Add N to (x) 3rd
21/02/01 Degrassi 1st
22/02/01 Neko Case and Her Boyfriends (repeat of live session at Maida Vale, 13/9/00)
27/02/01 Jack Drag 1st
28/02/01 90 Day Men 1st
01/03/01 Gene 3rd (rpt)
06/03/01 Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band 1st (rpt)
07/03/01 Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band 2nd (rpt)
08/03/01 Trembling Blue Stars 1st (rpt)
13/03/01 El Hombre Trajeado 3rd
14/03/01 Jellicoe 1st
15/03/01 Herman Düne 1st (rpt)
20/03/01 Nectarine No.9 5th
21/03/01 Samurai Seven 4th
22/03/01 Mighty Math 1st
27/03/01 Extreme Noise Terror 4th
28/03/01 Riviera 1st
29/03/01 Dead Meadow 1st
03/04/01 El Goodo 1st
04/04/01 DJ Bone live at Maida Vale
05/04/01 Bonnie Prince Billy 2nd (rpt)
10/04/01 The Aislers Set 1st
11/04/01 Hefner 4th (rpt)
12/04/01 Live from ULU for One Live in London:
Stephen Malkmus
Calexico with Neko Case
17/04/01 Alfie 2nd (rpt)
18/04/01 Derrero 3rd
19/04/01 Zabrinski 1st
Lift to Experience (recorded at ULU 12/4/01)
24/04/01 Cane 141 1st
25/04/01 Interpol 1st
26/04/01 Tim Buckley 1st (rpt)
01/05/01 The Bees 1st
02/05/01 Spare Snare 3rd
03/05/01 J Mascis and the Fog 1st (rpt)
08/05/01 Astrid 1st
09/05/01 Live from Radio Mafia in Helsinki. Featuring a recording of the Pig's Big Bells in Vaskikolo and live recordings of:
10/05/01 Ikara Colt 1st
15/05/01 Mouse on Mars 4th
16/05/01 Live at Maida Vale:
17/05/01 Centromatic 1st
22/05/01 Hopewell 1st
23/05/01 Stakka & Skynet live at Maida Vale
24/05/01 Cinerama 4th
29/05/01 Add N to (x) 3rd (rpt)
30/05/01 Lift to Experience 1st
31/05/01 Jack Drag 2nd (rpt)
05/06/01 Clouddead 1st
06/06/01 Ash live at Maida Vale
07/06/01 Mighty Math 1st (rpt)
12/06/01 Bardo Pond 1st
13/06/01 The Loves 1st
14/06/01 Calexico (repeat of live set first tx 12/4/01 from ULU)
19/06/01 Belle and Sebastian 1st
20/06/01 Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia 1st
21/06/01 Programme recorded at Sonar festival, 
Barcelona with live recordings from:
Dave Torrida
Carl Cox
26/06/01 Chapter 13 1st
27/06/01 The Strokes 1st
28/06/01 Appendix Out 1st
03/07/01 DJ Wilbur Wilburforce DJ set
04/07/01 Preston School of Industry 1st
05/07/01 Sean Dickson live at Peelacres
10/07/01 Belle and Sebastian  1st (rpt)
11/07/01 Bearsuit 1st
12/07/01 Superfurry Animals live at Peelacres
17/07/01 Aqua Vista 1st
18/07/01 Miss Black America 1st
19/07/01 The Aislers Set 1st (rpt)
24/07/01 The Icarus Line 1st
25/07/01 White Stripes live at Maida Vale
26/07/01 Centromatic 1st (rpt)
31/07/01 Lift to Experience 1st (rpt)
01/08/01 Llwybr Llaethog 3rd
Son House 1st (rpt)
02/08/01 Kaito 1st
07/08/01 Appliance 3rd
08/08/01 Live at Maida Vale with DJ sets from 
finalists in the UK DMC DJ championship:
Plus One
09/08/01 I am Kloot 1st
14/08/01 Camera Obscura 1st
15/08/01 Wagonchrist 2nd
16/08/01 PJ Harvey 4th (rpt)
21/08/01 Saloon 1st
22/08/01 The Strokes 1st (rpt)
23/08/01 Cat Power live at Peelacres
28/08/01 Pulp 4th
29/08/01 Lift to Experience live at Maida Vale
30/08/01 Culture 1st, 2nd (rpt)
04/09/01 And You Will Know Us By The 
Trail Of Dead recorded at Reading 2001
05/09/01 Stephen Malkmus recorded at Reading
06/09/01 PJ Harvey recorded at Reading
11/09/01 No show - some industry award ceremony
12/09/01 Show presented by MA Hobbs. Peel was taken ill.
PJ Harvey 1st (rpt)
13/09/01 Show presented by Lamacq.
18/09/01 Stereolab 5th
19/09/01 Gene live at Maida Vale
20/09/01 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci live at Peelacres
25/09/01 The Locust 1st
26/09/01 Live at Maida Vale:
The Loves
27/09/01 Loudon Wainwright III live at Peelacres
02/10/01 Nebula 1st
03/10/01 Melt-Banana live at Maida Vale
04/10/01 Quasi 3rd
09/10/01 The White Stripes repeat of live Maida Vale session first broadcast 25/7/01
10/10/01 Lab 4 live at Maida Vale
11/10/01 Highlights recorded at a party held at King's College Student's Union, Surrey Street, London, celebrating John Peel's 40th anniversary as a DJ. With sets from:
Billy Bragg
Nick Cave
New Order (video performance of Transmission)
16/10/01 Aavikko 1st
17/10/01 Mogwai live at Maida Vale
18/10/01 A R E Weapons 1st
23/10/01 Magoo 5th
24/10/01 Garlic 1st
25/10/01 Mull Historical Society 1st
30/10/01 Live from the Medecine Bar, Birmingham:
Richie Hawtin
31/10/01 Live from the Academy, Birmingham:
Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia
01/11/01 Live from the Custard Factory, Birmingham:
Ikara Colt
06/11/01 Fabio live DJ set at Broadcasting House
07/11/01 Aereogramme 2nd
08/11/01 The White Stripes live at Maida Vale
13/11/01 Solex 2nd
14/11/01 SI Futures live at Maida Vale
15/11/01 Mercury Rev 5th
20/11/01 Tompaulin 2nd
21/11/01 The Hives 1st
22/11/01 The Von Bondies live at Maida Vale
27/11/01 The Dirtbombs live from Maida Vale
28/11/01 Six by Seven 4th
29/11/01 Rock of Travolta 1st
04/12/01 Wauvenfold 1st
05/12/01 Unfinished Sympathy 1st
06/12/01 Lianne Hall 2nd
11/12/01 Hefner 5th
12/12/01 The Aspects 1st
13/12/01 Panoptica 1st
18/12/01 Mr Psyche DJ mix session
19/12/01 Live at Maida Vale:
Llwybr Llaethog
20/12/01 Christmas carol concert live from Peelacres, featuring the choral stylings of the Gorky's Group Choir, carol medleys from the Village Bellringers, a track recorded by Cowcube for the programme, and live performances from:
Lianne Hall
Camera Obscura
25/12/01 Festive fifty 2001
26/12/01 Festive fifty 2001
27/12/01 Festive fifty 2001
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