the john peel sessions

Artist Session
01/01/02 Pulp 4th (rpt)
02/01/02 Low 2nd
03/01/02 Smog 3rd
08/01/02 Aina 1st
09/01/02 Cinerama live at Maida Vale
10/01/02 Melys (repeat of a live acoustic session originally broadcast on the Radio 1 regional Session In Wales)
15/01/02 Programme recorded at the Noorderslag / Eurosonic festival in Groningen. With performances from:
The Bays
16/01/02 Dreadzone live at Maida Vale
17/01/02 Mercury Rev 5th (rpt)
22/01/02 Buick 6 1st
23/01/02 Bearsuit 1st (rpt)
24/01/02 Cowcube 2nd
29/01/02 Mr Bird 1st
30/01/02 Shifty Disco fifth birthday celebration live from Maida Vale with performances from:
31/01/02 Ladytron 1st
05/02/02 Chukki Starr and the Ruff Cutt Band 1st
06/02/02 Mos Eisley 1st
07/02/02 Pinhole 1st
12/02/02 Rory Phillips DJ mix session
13/02/02 Clinic live at Maida Vale
14/02/02 The Loves live at Peelacres
19/02/02 The Flaming Stars 7th
20/02/02 No show - Brit Awards
21/02/02 Bong-Ra 1st
26/02/02 Kanda Bongo Man 2nd
27/02/02 SL Records night live at Maida Vale with live sets from:
28/02/02 Little George Sueref 1st
05/03/02 Mr Psyche (repeat of DJ mix session first tx 18/12/01)
06/03/02 The Bays live at Maida Vale
07/03/02 Camera Obscura live at Peelacres
12/03/02 Peel on holiday. Shows replaced for four weeks with the Rock Show, Worldwide and Fabio & Grooverider.
09/04/02 Soul Centre (aka Thomas Brinkmann) recorded at Fabric in London 6/4/02
10/04/02 Ikara Colt live at Maida Vale
11/04/02 Seedling 1st
16/04/02 Technical Itch DJ mix session
17/04/02 Cornershop live from Maida Vale
18/04/02 Travis Cut 3rd
23/04/02 Highlights recorded at All Tomorrow's Parties, 
Camber Sands 19-21 April 2002:
Shipping News
24/04/02 Highlights recorded at All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands 19-21 April 2002:
Nina Nastasia
25/04/02 Highlights recorded at All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands 19-21 April 2002:
30/04/02 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 1st
01/05/02 Live at Maida Vale:
The Datsuns
The Come-ons
02/05/02 Samurai Seven 5th
07/05/02 Dave Clarke live DJ set
08/05/02 Alliance Underground 1st
09/05/02 McLusky 1st
14/05/02 Hint 1st
15/05/02 Herman Düne live at Maida Vale
16/05/02 Show from Peelacres cancelled due to connection problems between Peel's house and the BBC. Repeat of programme from 15/1/02 recorded at Eurosonic Festival, Groningen. Featuring live performances from:
The Bays
21/05/02 AC Acoustics 5th
22/05/02 Jeff Mills live DJ set at Maida Vale
23/05/02 Ronnie Ronalde 1st
28/05/02 Antihero 1st
29/05/02 Persil 2nd
30/05/02 No show
04/06/02 Nina Nastasia 1st
05/06/02 Oxes live at Maida Vale
06/06/02 Show from Peelacres cancelled due to connection problems between Peel's house and the BBC. Repeat of 'mix' sessions from:
Rory Phillips (12/2/02)
Jeff Mills (22/5/02)
11/06/02 Sex Clark Five 4th
12/06/02 Liars 1st
13/06/02 Goatboy 1st
(Followed by a One World special presented by Peel live from the Sonar festival, Barcelona.)
18/06/02 Highlights recorded at the Sonar festival, Barcelona:
Kid 606 DJ set
19/06/02 Highlights recorded at the Sonar festival, Barcelona:
Didier and Anonymous DJ set
20/06/02 Highlights recorded at the Sonar festival, Barcelona:
DJ López DJ set
Audioperu DJ set
25/06/02 The Vaults 1st
26/06/02 AM60 1st
27/06/02 The Von Bondies 1st
02/07/02 DJ Rupture recorded at the Sonar festival, Barcelona
03/07/02 Miss Black America 2nd
04/07/02 Nina Nastasia live at Peelacres
09/07/02 Culture 3rd
10/07/02 The Catheters 1st
11/07/02 Corvin Dalek mix session
16/07/02 Loudon Wainwright III 12th
17/07/02 Live at Maida Vale:
Boom-Bip and Doseone
18/07/02 Circle 1st
23/7/02 Misty in Roots 9th
24/07/02 The Icarus Line 2nd
25/07/02 Belle and Sebastian live at Peelacres
30/07/02 Coin-Op 1st
31/07/02 Jeffrey Lewis live at Maida Vale
01/08/02 Bearsuit 2nd
06/08/02 Sender Berlin recorded at Fabric 2/8/02
07/08/02 Live at Maida Vale:
Dressy Bessy
08/08/02 Will Oldham 3rd
13/08/02 The Bellrays 1st
14/08/02 Eon live at Maida Vale
15/08/02 Cranebuilders 1st
20/08/02 Fixit Kid 1st
21/08/02 The D4 1st
22/08/02 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 1st
27/08/02 Recorded at Reading Festival:
The Icarus Line
The Von Bondies
The White Stripes
28/08/02 Recorded at Reading:
The Breeders
29/08/02 Melys live at Peelacres
03/09/02 Half Man Half Biscuit 10th
04/09/02 Caroline Martin 2nd
05/09/02 Cowcube 2nd (rpt)
10/09/02 Dick Dale 4th
11/09/02 Herman Düne 2nd
***Thursday night programmes throughout September 2002 were moved back to midnight-2am to make way for a showcase of 1Extra, the BBC's new digital station***
13/09/02 Antihero 1st (rpt)
17/09/02 Wire 5th
18/09/02 Aqua Vista 2nd
20/09/02 Low 2nd (rpt)
24/09/02 The Toques 1st
25/09/02 The Aphrodisiacs 1st
27/09/02 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 1st (rpt)
01/10/02 The Coalition 1st
02/10/02 Mudhoney 2nd
03/10/02 Múm 1st
08/10/02 The Dawn Parade 1st
09/10/02 DJ Rupture live at Maida Vale
10/10/02 Pet Shop Boys 1st
15/10/02 Explosions In The Sky
Programme 10:30-midnight because of Mercury Awards coverage
16/10/02 The Delgados 5th
17/10/02 Solex 3rd
22/10/02 Circle second half of session (first part tx 18/7/02) 1st
23/10/02 Mr Bird 1st (rpt)
24/10/02 Coldcut recorded at the Pompidou Centre, Paris
29/10/02 Live from the Boat House, Nottingham for One Live in Nottingham:
The Datsuns
Wolves of Greece
30/10/02 Live from One Live in Nottingham:
The Bays
31/10/02 Live from the Boat House for One Live in Nottingham:
Six by Seven
Miss Black America
05/11/02 Laura Cantrell 2nd
06/11/02 Soledad Brothers live at Maida Vale
07/11/02 Part Chimp  1st
12/11/02 Themselves live at Broadcasting House
13/11/02 The Baptist Generals 1st
14/11/02 The Vaults 1st (rpt)
19/11/02 Appliance 4th
20/11/02 Dawn of the Replicants 4th
21/11/02 Loudon Wainwright III 12th (rpt)
26/11/02 M.A.S.S. 1st
27/11/02 Ikara Colt 2nd
28/11/02 J Mascis (acoustic session) 2nd
03/12/02 Terrashima 1st
04/12/02 The Loves 2nd
05/12/02 Goldchains 1st
10/12/02 The Aphrodisiacs 1st (rpt)
11/12/02 'Ten Minute Men' special from Maida Vale with ten-minute sets from:
Hirameka Hi-Fi
Billy Mahonie
12/12/02 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 1st (rpt)
17/12/02 Econoline 1st
18/12/02 Christmas carol concert live from Maida Vale with
Belle and Sebastian and the Peel Choir
19/12/02 Fluke 1st
24-25/12/02 No shows
26/12/02 Five hour programme with the Festive Fifty 2002
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